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Welcome to the Official Website of Planning Department Govt.of Himachal Pradesh

Planning Department
Government of Himachal Pradesh
Sh.Sukhvinder Singh Hon'ble Chief Minister
Himachal Pradesh
. An Evaluation Study of Community Fish Ponds Programmes in H.P.        Socio-Economic Survey of of Gujjars in Himachal Pradesh
Bio-Gas Plants in HP-12-9-1985                                                                   Himachal Pradesh Financial Allocation and Human Development        

Financial Appraisal of Fish Ponds in HP-1990-91                                   .
शुष्क कृषि खेती स्कीम के अन्तर्गत निर्मित जल संचय बंधियो से सम्बन्धित मूल्यांकन   

A study under Ghandhi Kuteer Yojana                            Study to Explore the Causes of Declining Sex Ratio in the Age Group of 0-6 Years in H.P  
An evaluation study on Vikas Mein Jan Sahyog              Study of Human Development for inclusive and Sustainable Green Growth in H.P
An evaluation study on Sarswati Bal Vidya Sankalp Yojna
Handpumps in Himachal Pradesh
Status Report on Village Health Guide Scheme in Himachal Pradesh
IRDP in Himachal Pradesh
Beneficiaries under Old Age Widow & National Security Pension Scheme
Minor Irrigation projects under RIDF
Evaluation of Anti-Poverty Programmes in HP
Evauation Study on SDP in HP
Small Farmers Development Agency Solan
Evaluation Study on Intercaste Marriage - 1989
Study of the Distribution of Milch Cattle Scheme in Solan & Sirmaur
Output performance Based Road Maintenance Contracts in Himachal Pradesh