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Welcome to the Official Website of Planning Department Govt.of Himachal Pradesh

  •  To make an assessment of the implementation process of various schemes and programmes.
  •  To identify bottlenecks and gaps through evaluation in the implementation of schemes and 
     programmes and based on the findings of  these evaluation  studies, suggest remedial   measures.
  •  Evaluation study reports are sent to concerned implementing department(s) for the consideration of 
     findings and recommendations.Department (s) may make  suitable changes in the implementation
     of schemes and programmes thereby making the implementation more effective.
  • In 2019-20 following studies have been initiated :

    1.Amelioration of Housing Problems through State Housing Scheme in HP.

    2. Role of MNREGA in the Enhancement of Women Status in HP.

    3. Development of Sericulture Industry in HP.

    4.Status of Primary Agriculture Credit Societies in HP.

    5.State Mission on Food Processing (HP)

    6.Assessing Functionality Status of Girls Toilet in HP

    7.Working of State Owned Fruit Canning Units in HP .

    8.Output  and Performance Based Road Maintenance Contract Scheme in HP.

    9.Home Stay Scheme in HP.

                           The research design of all above referred studies has been finalized and the Questionnaire for collection of Primary / Secondary Data has also been prepared. The process of data collection will be started soon.

    Evaluation Reports