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Welcome to the Official Website of Planning Department Govt.of Himachal Pradesh

Planning Department
Government of Himachal Pradesh
Computer Division of Planning Department is catering the needs of Software development of all the Divisions of the Department. To fulfill the Government of India and State Government objective of e-Governance, the process of computerizing the important information in the department has started. All the reports/ publications of the department are processed on computer before final printing and software are developed / being develop for various information which were earlier kept in the hard form. This initiative of the Computer Division will ensure swifter and more transparent process. This process also helps to fulfill the instructions of RTI Act. The following softwares for different divisions have been developed by the Computer Division:-
1. Development of GIGW based Department Web site.
2. Plan Implementation Monitoring Software which consists of following modules:-
    (a) EAP/CSS Monitoring
    (b) Financial Achievement Monitoring
    (c) Audited Exp. Monitoring .
    (d) Physical Achievement Monitoring
3. MLAs Priority Scheme(s) Monitoring being financed through RIDF which consists   following:-
     I. Hon’ble MLAs Dashboard
     II. Planning Deptt. Dashboard
    III. IPH Deptt. Dashboard
    IV. PWD Deptt. Dashboard.
4.Plan Formulation Monitoring Software
5.Monitoring Software for State Innovation Council
6.Software for State Finance Commission which is being utilized by Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) also
In addition to above, all other assigned works related to computerization are being looked after by Computer Division